Easy to use OASIS® Grower Foam

  • An Engineered Foam Medium

  • Sterile Media - Pathogen Free

  • Optimal Air to Water Ratio

  • Rapid Root Development

  • Consistency of the Media provide more uniform rooting success

  • Superior Cutting Hydration - Less need for Misting

  • Low Cation Exchange Properties.

  • Roots remain undisturbed during transplant & transportation.

  • Best for Propagation of seeds

Why OASIS® Grower Foam

It is a rigid absorbent foam designed to optimize germination, rooting and the cultivation of plants and vegetables. The function of the OASIS® Grower foam is that of a substrate, since it provides the cuttings or seed with the water necessary for its growth avoiding moisture loss and preventing the appearance of pests or diseases. OASIS® Grower Foam provides the ideal medium for the growth of plants.